MSA was founded in 2005, and for more than a decade has designed, produced, and implemented industrial automation systems and related components.  In 2006, MSA’s “TENDER” brand was launched, producing its first in a line of weight indicators and controllers. The TENDER industrial weight controller was patented and registered internationally with the General Office of Industrial Property in 2008, achieved the European CE Standard in 2012.In 2015, the research and development team at MSA’s produced a variety of weight transmitters, temperature transmitter and power transmitter (and more) which were branded under the name “TRANCEL”. Due to its professional design, high quality, and precision, TRANCEL has become one of the most widely used market transmitters.

In 2019, MSA began to produce the TRANCEL Series 4 weight indicator and controller. The new model boasts substantial upgrades to its internal and technical structures. These improvements, which include superior accuracy and speed, as well as special features, make it competitive in the global market.

TRANCEL has remained stable in the market despite the economic recession by focusing on research and development (R&D), receiving continuous feedback from customers, and updating products regarding market demands. Our use of electronic components and raw materials, which are prepared by the most reliable brands in the world, are assembled with automatic equipment to enhance their quality and reduce human errors. Every singly product is then tested to ensure quality control.