A checkweigher machine is used in factories to ensure the final weight of packaged products. Therefore, it is usually used at the end of the production line and can be either manual or automatic. In the manual model, the operator places the product on the scale and the lights indicate if the product weight is low or high. With two output relays and adjustable weight ranges, Tender WI602 weight indicator is the ideal choice for such systems. In the automatic model, the product is weighed on the production line, and if its weight is outside the predefined range, it is automatically removed. An automatic checkweigher usually consists of three main parts. The first part is responsible for adjusting the speed or creating the right distance between the product items. The second part is a weighing scale or conveyor belt which measures the weight using a load cell and informs the controller. The third part removes the items that fall outside the permissible weight range from the production line. Because of their high relaying speed, Tender weight indicators can also function as weight controllers. Trancel transmitters with Modbus outputs and high accuracy and speed are the perfect choice for these devices.

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