Weight filling machines are essential equipment for achieving favorable productivity and quality in the final production process, which is, packaging. These machines are commonly used for the packaging of food and beverages, chemicals, etc. Moreover, they are very versatile and suited for packaging other products such as barrels, bags, sacks, buckets and such.

Application of Tendar weight controller and Trancell transmitter in fillers the simplest and possibly most popular type of filling machine comes with a nozzle. The operator places a container or bag on the weighing system. Pushing the start button on the controller opens the nozzle lid and it remains open until the desired weight is achieved. WI601 indicator and controller are built to do exactly that. A smart tare sensor and two timers make WI601 a semi-automatic filling machine, meaning that the operator simply places a container or bag and then removes it once the filling ends. If the machine is equipped with an intermediate weight hopper, WI602 indicator and controller, with its two output relays, three programmable timers, and a customizable batch counter, provides a perfect solution for automatic control of the loading and unloading of the hopper. The main challenge faced by the fillers is minimizing the weighing error considering the high feed rate near the end of each cycle. The solution is using two separate nozzles with different feed rates. WI602 indicator and controller can accurately control these two nozzles via two output relays. Some fillers are equipped with a PLC central controller. In these machines, the weak load cell signal is amplified and digitized by a transmitter and transmitted to the controller via a PLC interface. TML1210 Transmitter works best in such machines. Accurate load cell measurement, elimination of mechanical vibrations, and super-fast transmission of data to the PLC are crucial features of these devices. TML1210 Transmitter is equipped with an RS485 port with a maximum baud rate of 115200kbps, and the Modbus protocol, which is compatible with almost all PLCs. Hence it can transmit load cell measurements quickly and accurately.

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