Tank weighing via load cells may be required in many industrial operations and is usually preferred to other weighing methods. In this method, the material, density, or temperature does not influence the results and therefore the measurements are quite accurate. The other benefit is the long durability of such systems, as they provide a service life of several decades if designed properly and only require annual calibrations for the load cells and their displays or transmitters. Our products are quite simple to calibrate and are offered with clear instruction manuals to further simplify the operation.
The number and type of tank weighing load cells depends on the tank shape. Normally one to six load cells are implemented under or at the middle of the tank. Compression and bending load cells are preferred for weighing tanks, silos, and vessels. They may require technical advice for choosing the installation equipment (e.g. mountings) or the installation process. We’d gladly provide you with technical consultation prior to the set up operation.
Mechanical design is followed by the electrical design process. Load cells are calibrated and connected in parallel in dedicated distribution boards. In order to view the local weight, you can use Tendar™ weight indicators which can also feature configurable relays or be networked with other devices via the Modbus protocol. If there is no need to view the weight, you can use Trancel™ transmitters which can be networked or feature standard analogue outputs.


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