Weighing Sensors 
& Load Cells

Load cells and Weighing Sensors convert a load or force into an electronic output. This electronic output can be a current change, a frequency change or a voltage change, depending on the type of load cell and circuitry used. Each sensor is comprised of a durable material such as steel with one or more strain gauges attached to or embedded in it. A strain gauge consists of a wire (or wires) that transmits a mild electric current. Weighing sensors can be either compression or tension based or bi-directional. We offer Load Cells in various shapes and sizes for diverse applications.

We can adapt the sensors exactly to your needs or design a complete measurement solution. Get an overview of our versatile product range or contact us directly.

Single Point Load Cells

Suited to build small or medium-sized platform scales. Single Point Load Cells offer excellent off-center loading compensation.

Bending Shear Beam Load Cells

The binocular bending beam construction of our Bending Shear Beam Load Cells provides a good moment immunity that results in very accurate output. Bending Shear Beam Load Cells measure compression and tension which makes them very suitable for heavy weighing devices.

S-beam Load Cells

A S-beam Load Cell is a S-shaped sensor that can be used to measure both compression and tension. They provide accuracy, compact design features, overload protection and a wide capacity range.



Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells are specifically designed for application where space is limited, and they can be built to be extremely compact. They are also ideal for use for extremely high capacity loads.