Load cell to analog 4-20mA transmitter

TRANCEL (TLA 1310) has been designed to amplify load cell signal to the very accurate 4-20mA analog signal, comprehensible by various industrial instruments, i.e. PLCs. Being a microcontroller-based device, it provides, for the automation system integrators, the most valuable features and functions like digital “Tare” and “manual calibration” that can be easily done by DIP switches.


  • 3-way galvanic isolated
  • Adjustable update rate
  • Digital tare function
  • Manual calibration by 2%FS or 5%FS
  • RFI/EMI screened
  • Load cell error detection system
  • Loop-powered 4-20mA output
  • Transient suppression on analog Line
  • Compact case with DIN-rail mounting

Technical Specification

Supply21.6 – 26.4 VDC , < 1W
Isolated Voltage1.5 KV RMS, <1min
A/D Converter24 bit Sigma-Delta
Analog signal Input range±20mV
Load Cell Excitation5 VDC 100mA, 6x350ohm
Digital Filter Update Rate5 – 100 Hz
Analog OutputLoop-Powered (3.5 – 21.5 mA)
Current Loop Supply18 – 36 VDC
D/A Converter16 bit
Operation Temperature-20o C to +60o C
Case115 x 100 x 23 mm, IP20

Schematic Diagram

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