Load cell to modbus transmitter

TRANCEL (TML 1210) has been designed to provide a highly reliable and fast, isolated connection between load cell and PLC, through RS-485. It is ideal for fast filling, batch dispensing, and dynamic weighing applications. Benefiting from the highest interference resistance and long-term reliability, problem-free operation is guaranteed in the harshest environments.


  • Fast and Highly Accurate (1/100000)
  • Adjustable Digital Filter
  • RFI/EMI Screened
  • Parametric or Manual Calibration
  • User-friendly
  • Ultra Low Drift vs. Temperature and Time
  • Load Cell Error Detection System
  • High Speed Serial Interface
  • Isolated Power and Serial Port
  • Transient Suppression on RS-485 Line
  • Compact Case with DIN-rail Mounting

Technical Specification

Supply21.6 – 26.4 VDC, < 1W
Isolated Voltage1.5 KV RMS, <1min
A/D Converter24-bit Sigma-Delta, Linearity < 0.0015 % FS
External Resolution , MAX1/100000
Load Cell Excitation5 VDC, 120mA, 6x350ohm
Digital Filter Update Rate5 – 200 Hz
Serial PortRS-485 2-wire, Isolated, Modbus (RTU)
Baud Rates9600-19200-38400-115200 bps – Dipswitch Configurable
Address Range1 … 32 – Dipswitch Configurable
Operation Temperature-20o C to +60o C
Case96 x 96 x 72 mm, IP20

Schematic Diagram

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